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Credit: Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

Once it became clear that we would be spending months at home, Affluents wasted no time investing in their spaces. Almost every affluent we’ve talked to made some significant changes to their homes – from adding on outdoor spaces and major remodels to updating paint and purchasing new furniture. And data shows that they were […]

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BankPlus: Commitment Campaign during COVID-19 Pandemic

BankPlus COVID-19 TV Spot

For over a century, BankPlus has served its customers and their communities with unwavering commitment, built on the power of relationships and trust. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, BankPlus was among the first in its communities to temporarily close its lobby doors in order to keep customers and the community safe and healthy. Even though […]

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Cooking from scratch: Upward Home interviews Eric Deng, Hestan

Editor’s Note: We are excited to launch a new series of interviews with some of the leading voices in the high-end home industry. Today we visit with Eric Deng, Co-Founder and President of Hestan Commercial Corporation, who is shaking up the culinary world with the launch of Hestan Commercial, Hestan Outdoor, and Hestan Indoor. Chris […]

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Stakeholders Need Numbers to Realize the Value of Marketing

  Sometimes CMOs have to help other decision-makers understand that marketing entails more than advertising—particularly in the case of high-end brands. A recent study from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, Stanford University and London Business School examined 506 CEOs of large corporations and found that 25 percent have a marketing background. In this sizable […]

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Aspirations of the Millennial Homeowner

And how they will impact high-end brands To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to. That simple quote from Gibran helps me understand what’s going on in the housing market with Millennials. A couple of years ago, I theorized that […]

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Digital Storytelling in the High-End Market

  Affluent Consumers want a connection. Not a sales pitch. Affluent consumers buy differently. They research large purchases and seek not only a wise choice, but also genuine benefits and an authentic experience. In fact, 70% of affluent consumers say they prefer to learn about a product or service through content rather than traditional advertising. […]

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How to Find Your Flow When the Market Doesn’t Grow

Premium Goods Trends

  The ever-developing high-end goods market calls us back to our instincts   Growth in high-end home sales may have slowed, bringing the premium goods market with it, but that doesn’t mean you should slow your marketing. If you’re reading between the lines, you already know that double-digit growth, year after year, isn’t something you […]

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Meet the “Considered Consumer” of High-End Home Brands

5 questions to ask in order to meet the growing trend of planned purchasing.   As more and more consumers carefully plan their major purchases, marketers of high-end home brands need to adapt accordingly. Research shows that affluent consumers are thinking more carefully before buying. Indeed, nearly half of consumer spending (non-food) is now carefully […]

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Beyond the Purchase of High-End Home Brands

Buying decisions continue to be made after the actual purchase. Marketers of high-end brands understand Plato’s description of emotion and reason as two horses pulling us in different directions. After all, it can be painful when you’ve carefully helped a customer along the path to purchase, only to have her return the product the following […]

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