How Can High-End Home Brands Compete for Clicks on YouTube?


Sophisticated home brands need not compromise their core principles to find an audience on YouTube.

The opportunity to create video content that consumers seek out and share with friends is there for any advertiser. And with more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month, the potential rewards are clear. But with 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, getting noticed is no easy matter.
On top of that, it’s common knowledge that kittens, babies and bloopers get countless clicks. So, how can a sophisticated brand compete in an environment where the silliest stuff seems to get the most attention?
Fortunately, high-end brands don’t need to compromise their core principles to find an audience on YouTube. With a few simple strategies, your brand can get results with smart content targeted to relevant viewers. It starts by asking these 5 questions: 
1. What kind of video concepts feel genuine coming from my brand?
If you know exactly what your brand stands for, you already have the tools to answer this question.  We can all be seduced by concepts that offer pure entertainment value, but take the brand into questionable territory. It takes discipline and long-term vision to navigate away from good ideas that simply don’t connect with your consumer’s belief in your brand.
2. What kind of experience do consumers actually want from my brand?
This is the crucial flip side of the previous question. Your audience may enjoy parodies of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,”  but not necessarily coming from you. Resist the temptation to adapt your brand values to YouTube. Instead, stay focused on your long-term core equity and find ways to make that come to life.
3. Have I transcended traditional selling to offer an audience-driven experience?
Once you get over the fact that online videos are not long TV commercials, a whole new paradigm opens up. Selling the brand becomes secondary to offering an experience your audience wants. From that perspective, your brand gets credit for sponsoring the experience, while product attributes generally take a back seat.
4. What makes my video content stand out in ways people care about?
You have an incredible amount of competition for eyeballs on YouTube, so make sure your video offers real value. If you’re showing  “how-to” instructions, make them easier. If you’re creating a product demo, make it more dramatic. If you’re creating a fantasy kitchen, make it more spectacular. Your competition is good—you need to be better.
5. If I saw this video on YouTube, would I watch it?  Would I want to share it?
In subtle ways, many of us look down on our audience. “Well, this video doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m sure that others might like it.”  Make the quality of your video content a personal challenge. If you’re excited about a concept and can’t wait to show it to friends, family and associates, chances are your consumers will feel the same way.

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