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BankPlus: Commitment Campaign during COVID-19 Pandemic

BankPlus COVID-19 TV Spot

For over a century, BankPlus has served its customers and their communities with unwavering commitment, built on the power of relationships and trust. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, BankPlus was among the first in its communities to temporarily close its lobby doors in order to keep customers and the community safe and healthy. Even though […]

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Prospecting for New Investment and Wealth Management Clients

Your bank’s investment portfolio is managed with sound data, constant analysis and a proven strategy for success. Your bank’s marketing budget needs to be invested with the same rigor. Every dollar you spend attracting new clients should be guided by data, proven through real-time analysis and based on a solid, long-term acquisition strategy.   Data. […]

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The Continuing Education of Content

When I landed a job as a copywriter, I thought it was my ticket out of college. Nearly 25 years later, I’ve realized that marketing actually means a career in continuing education. From my hazing by a 32-page certified retirement community brochure to bending my brain with VR technology, every project has been a learning […]

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Sharing the Spotlight: What Do Celebrity Endorsements Bring to a Brand?

Sharing the Spotlight: What do celebrity endorsements bring to a brand?

Ramey client BankPlus partnered with Archie and Eli Manning for its Mississippi-based marketing efforts. We Americans love our celebrities – entertainment, sports, business – whatever their field of fame, we love to watch and connect with high-profile personalities.  Which makes it easy to see why companies love turning to celebrity partners to secure recognition, credibility […]

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