Digital Storytelling in the High-End Market


Affluent Consumers want a connection. Not a sales pitch.

Affluent consumers buy differently. They research large purchases and seek not only a wise choice, but also genuine benefits and an authentic experience. In fact, 70% of affluent consumers say they prefer to learn about a product or service through content rather than traditional advertising. That’s because a good story functions as a powerful strategic business tool. A great brand story allows us to experience the product, beyond its physical boundaries, and develop a meaningful connection.
Affluent consumers also want to be spoken to on a personal level.
Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of data analytics, we know exactly what our target audience wants and how to reach them. We can offer the right story to match their passions, priorities or stage in life so they receive relevant information. When we’re telling the right stories to the right audience we become effective communicators conveying the essence of our brand.
Many high-end brands have already launched their own digital storytelling campaigns. Burberry tells a compelling story with “Burberry Kisses” (launched with Google). Bentley takes you around the world on virtual trips ­– from castles in Spain to the sand dunes of Oman. Louis Vuitton created the NOWNESS site using unbelievable photography and highly stylized short films to tell their original stories while positioning famous faces to represent the core of their brand.
Digital storytelling dares high-end brands to tell more opulent, extravagant stories full of aspiration and desire. It might be a leap of faith for such brands traditionally grounded in heritage, but that’s what your consumer wants – and the digital realm is where they live.

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