Our Mission

Take 40 passionate people, put them in cool workspaces organized in client-centered teams, let them collaborate on ideas that can grow your brand – that’s what Ramey is all about. We are all in for our clients. And all in for each other.
That’s why we’ve been repeatedly named one of Ad Age’s Best Places To Work.

It’s a formula for success that has helped us partner with some of the most admired brands of our time.


Vision. Character. Consistency.

Understanding what is special about
a brand – and how it can be best positioned to
take advantage of future opportunities.

Unexpected. Motivating. Delightful.

Creative ideas that are welcomed,
shared and drive measurable results.

Engaged. Responsive. Welcome.

Relationship building between brands and
consumers to turn new acquaintances into
passionate advocates.

Curious. Focused. Dynamic.

Insights through data big and small. Constant
improvement through ongoing analytics.

Intentional. Coordinated. Measurable.

Creating interactions that activate
consumers throughout the buying cycle
to drive ROI.

Innovative. Channel-neutral.

Smarter ways to reach a mass audience or a
micro-target with the perfect messages.

Educate. Motivate. Empower.

Align employees around new messages and
initiatives. Celebrate your corporate culture to
bring people together and attract new talent.


Chris Ray


Leads by example. Loves a good pie chart. With Chris at the helm, Ramey has grown into a nationally recognized marketing firm for leader brands.

Bob Potesky

Bob Potesky


Pushes the creative envelope. Then tears it open. Bob delivers big agency experience without the big agency attitude.

Eddie Woods

Eddie Woods

Director of Integrated Marketing/Partner

Analytics guru. Runs on diet soda. A master of direct marketing, Eddie connects brands with the right customer, at the right time, at the right price.

Wes Williams

Wes Williams

Chief Creative Director

Engrained in Jackson. Doesn’t seem to age. Wes has produced award-winning work for our clients on a regular basis for over 20 years.

Sherry Spille

Sherry Spille

SVP/ Director of Finance

Currently manages Ramey finances. Previously managed 1st grade classrooms. We’re still not sure which is more stressful.

Eric Evans

Erick Evans

SVP/Director of Client Services

High EQ. PowerPoint perfectionist. Simply put, Erick is an extension of his clients. He knows what they want and he always overdelivers.

Michelle Hill

Michelle Hill

SVP/Director of Operations

Brand builder. Back for more. Michelle returns to Ramey after a brief hiatus and our clients couldn’t be happier. We’re pretty excited, too.