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Convenience – A New Hallmark of Luxury

This year, we have seen the impact COVID-19 has made across industries to catapult change (whether or not an organization was ready for it). In many ways this has created an immense amount of opportunity for growth – especially in the high-end home category. As my colleague Michelle Hill recently shared, affluent consumers wasted no […]

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Getting your brand back on top.

Credit: Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

Once it became clear that we would be spending months at home, Affluents wasted no time investing in their spaces. Almost every affluent we’ve talked to made some significant changes to their homes – from adding on outdoor spaces and major remodels to updating paint and purchasing new furniture. And data shows that they were […]

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How can high-end home brands adapt to a pandemic?

Couple in Kitchen

In addition to following the health and economic impacts of COVID-19, we are considering the impacts to consumer behavior, specifically in the high-end home category. While this situation is unique, we have helped our clients weather some massive economic downturns from the post-9/11 economy in 2001 to the housing bubble burst of 2008. Below are […]

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How smart brands communicate during a crisis.

How to communicate with consumers in uncertain times.    Given the rapidly changing situation, knowing when and how to communicate with customers and prospects will not always be clear. That’s something we have to accept as marketers right now. Our counsel – strike a calm, authentic tone that communicates we’re in this together. Apply common […]

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The Net Promoter Score’s Lovers and Haters

How high-end home brands can benefit from NPS It’s good to ask your customers for feedback, and even better if you can do it simply and quickly. That’s why the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been a popular metric for the past 15+ years. Unlike conventional customer satisfaction surveys, NPS focuses on the likelihood that […]

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The New World of Computer-Generated Imagery

How High-End Home Brands Are Benefiting from CGI It used to be that creating fantasy kitchen photography as part of a marketing campaign for our client Viking Range required a highly complex, six-figure photo shoot, complete with skilled set designers, food stylists, and prop masters – not to mention an A-level photographer and producer. During […]

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