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Stakeholders Need Numbers to Realize the Value of Marketing

  Sometimes CMOs have to help other decision-makers understand that marketing entails more than advertising—particularly in the case of high-end brands. A recent study from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, Stanford University and London Business School examined 506 CEOs of large corporations and found that 25 percent have a marketing background. In this sizable […]

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How High-End Home Brands Can Better Track Results


Driving progress towards clear goals can take your brand to a higher level.   I remember the first time a client admitted, “I’m not sure that we know what success looks like.”  Sales and profits at his high-end home brand were solid. But as he geared up for the next marketing campaign, he was justifiably […]

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Can Your High-End Home Brand Triple Sales in Two Years?

How the mindset of one CEO might affect marketing directors across the home category.   The CEO of a high-end home brand was visiting with me about revenue and profit trends at his company. We had talked about some of the inherent challenges facing his brand. On one hand, his brand was the category leader. […]

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