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Trust is a KPI

Success depends on the ability to get people to support your organization. That is true for all of us—manufacturers, service providers, retailers, non-profits, and government agencies. We depend on people who will buy our products, who will come to work with us as employees, who will purchase our stock as investors, and who will speak […]

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Everyone is in the Customer Service Industry

Today’s customer demands consistently great service. Industries like retail and hospitality have come to understand the importance of well-trained, inspired employees who know what it means to be an extension of the brand they represent. However, many organizations that don’t fall into the traditional customer service industry forget about one of their most powerful branding […]

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Lessons Learned from a Corner Office: 6 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader

Most would agree that the past couple of years have been very unusual in the business world. Conflict and uncertain times have a way of making you question a lot of things that – only a short time before – felt certain and safe. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on a trait that can take a […]

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Three Steps to Stronger Content Creation

Planning a good idea may sound counterintuitive, but it is vital for a successful marketing plan in the digital world. Take these steps to ensure your content creation is as effective as it is brilliant.   Content creation is where it all begins – it’s the place of origin for good social media engagement, click-throughs, […]

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To promote or to brand?

Many hours have been spent debating which form of advertising has more value. But research shows that everyone is right – your brand needs both for a balanced path to purchase.   Marketing teams are all too familiar with the budget wars between promotional advertising and brand advertising. And, more commonly, between the teams that […]

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Boost Your App, Boost Your Brand

Mobile Apps have become an integral part of millions of people’s daily routine. Apps allow businesses to maintain direct contact with current and prospective customers from nearly anywhere at anytime, which is why most are now including mobile apps as part of their brand strategy. According to comScore’s The 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report, people […]

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Brand Reputation: Capitalizing On The Conversation

Reputation Management

That can be said of your own personal brand as well as your Client’s brand. In today’s digital world it is easier than ever to check out a brand’s reputation before you buy, or conversely impact a brand’s reputation after a positive or negative experience. For years, many brands were scared that “turning my brand […]

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Content Messaging: Engagement Beats Persuasion

Content Messaging: Engagement Beats Persuasions

Clorox Corporation believes that “it’s doing well by doing good.” To that end, the corporation includes Brita Water Filters in its portfolio, encouraging consumers to replace bottled water with filtered water pitchers. This strategy paid off in double-digit growth during the recession when the messaging gained momentum. Since that time, the company has adopted the “Filter […]

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Why high-end brands need middle-class values

High-end consumers, middle class values

Affluent consumers drive sales among high-end brands, so you’d better understand their humble, middle-class values. A few years ago, I spoke to a group of marketers of high-end brands. After the session, one of the CMOs in the audience told me that the vast majority of his company’s affluent consumers loved his brand so much […]

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Plan Ahead, Stay Ahead: 2016 Media Strategy

Plan ahead, stay ahead: Media Strategy 2016

From the Summer Olympics to the Presidential Election, there’s a lot of excitement to look forward to in 2016. And, maybe a few things to take into consideration if your brand is planning a big media campaign this year… It’s important to know the impact these major events could have on your brand. Here’s what […]

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