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Content Messaging: Engagement Beats Persuasion

Content Messaging: Engagement Beats Persuasions

Clorox Corporation believes that “it’s doing well by doing good.” To that end, the corporation includes Brita Water Filters in its portfolio, encouraging consumers to replace bottled water with filtered water pitchers.

This strategy paid off in double-digit growth during the recession when the messaging gained momentum. Since that time, the company has adopted the “Filter for Good” mantra as its core brand campaign.

Today, the company has expanded the “Filter For Good” strategic messaging to all consumer touch points, tweaking the messaging to best fit the medium:

  1. The Brita web site does its job of promoting products, features and benContent Messaging: Engagement Beats Persuasionsefits, but it also boldly displays the core values and strategic messaging: Better Water, Better Health, Better Value, and Better World. This approach takes a purchase decision above and beyond just picking a commodity product to carry your water; it elevates it to making a decision to improve the world.
  2. You will also find a Brita micro-site, which engages consumers into taking a “Filtervention” quiz to determine their water drinking type. The quiz, lighthearted and entertaining, is a series of questions resulting in the consumer being deemed a “hogger,” “bottle waster” or “procrastinator.” And it’s all shareable on social media.
  3. Brita has a strong Twitter presence where they post timely messaging around key worldwide events. For example, during the recent speculation about the possibility of water on Mars, the brand tweeted “Bet the water on Mars would still taste better filtered.”
  4. Brita also employs Twitter to reach the lucrative college segment with “Tips for sending kids back to college” tagged #BritaBacktoCollege. They populated the campaign with videos targeting the college set and promoted a Brita Back to College Spotify playlist.

The brands getting content marketing right are those tying content messaging to feelings rather than features and benefits. Brita has found success by identifying a shared value among consumers as opposed to positioning their product as a vessel of water containment. This allows Brita to express that shared value in every consumer touch point. Yes, all consumers at one point or another will need said vessel, but Brita buyers are on a much larger mission to save the world.

Kathy Potts, VP Director of Account ManagementKathy Potts, VP Director of Account Management

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