Plan Ahead, Stay Ahead: 2016 Media Strategy

Plan ahead, stay ahead: Media Strategy 2016

Plan ahead, stay ahead: Media Strategy 2016

From the Summer Olympics to the Presidential Election, there’s a lot of excitement to look forward to in 2016. And, maybe a few things to take into consideration if your brand is planning a big media campaign this year…

It’s important to know the impact these major events could have on your brand. Here’s what to keep in mind when developing your media strategy for 2016:

Key Dates:

  • Presidential Election: November 8
  • Primaries:
    • Arkansas – March 5
    • Louisiana – March 5
    • Mississippi – March 8
    • Texas – March 1
  • Summer Olympics on NBC: August 5-August 21


Expect price increases and limited inventory:

  • 45 days before the primaries for Television and Social video.
  • 60 days before the Presidential election and 30 days after for Television and Social.
  • During the entire two weeks of the Olympics for Television.


Points to Remember – Political Advertising:

  • Broadcast television will still be the critical tool for political advertising.
  • Digital and Social channels will see significant increases in 2016.
  • Candidates are guaranteed airtime, and cannot be preempted.
  • No general advertiser can receive a rate lower than any political advertiser.
  • Bonus negotiations will not be allowed during political windows.


Your 2016 Media Action Plan:

  • Be mindful of election and Olympic windows. If possible, avoid television media during the specified election windows and two weeks after the presidential election
  • Consider other networks during the Olympic window or purchase Olympics packages as early as possible.
  • If television media is required during the political season, avoid the two to three weeks before the election.
  • Plan and place your buy early or annually. In addition to locking in key flight dates at cheaper rates, schedules placed early in the year are less likely to be preempted. Later buys will be the first to be preempted.
  • Consider alternative dayparts. Political advertising tends to take over Prime Time, Early and Late News.
  • Expect to pay an additional 7-15% for television during political and Olympic windows in 2016. And while alternatives to television should also be considered, you should expect to pay more for other mediums as well.

Terry Tanner, SVP/Media Director

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