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The Myth of Working vs. Non-Working Dollars

A new way of thinking for marketers of high-end brands Recently, I was asked by a client to lower the fees on a targeted digital campaign because the ratio of “working dollars” to “non-working dollars” was out of whack. The problem wasn’t that the fees were too high; rather, the media dollars were 60% lower […]

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Three Steps to Stronger Content Creation

Planning a good idea may sound counterintuitive, but it is vital for a successful marketing plan in the digital world. Take these steps to ensure your content creation is as effective as it is brilliant.   Content creation is where it all begins – it’s the place of origin for good social media engagement, click-throughs, […]

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Content Messaging: Engagement Beats Persuasion

Content Messaging: Engagement Beats Persuasions

Clorox Corporation believes that “it’s doing well by doing good.” To that end, the corporation includes Brita Water Filters in its portfolio, encouraging consumers to replace bottled water with filtered water pitchers. This strategy paid off in double-digit growth during the recession when the messaging gained momentum. Since that time, the company has adopted the “Filter […]

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