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The New World of Computer-Generated Imagery

How High-End Home Brands Are Benefiting from CGI It used to be that creating fantasy kitchen photography as part of a marketing campaign for our client Viking Range required a highly complex, six-figure photo shoot, complete with skilled set designers, food stylists, and prop masters – not to mention an A-level photographer and producer. During […]

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Seeking the Perfect Convergence of Affluence, Influence and Intent

Lunch Meeting

The aim of marketing is to know the consumer so well that the product sells itself. This idea, courtesy of Peter Drucker, is deceivingly simple, yet sometimes hard to execute — especially for high-end brands trying to connect with affluent consumers. From time to time, I hear marketers refer to their existing and potential customers […]

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Why high-end brands need middle-class values

High-end consumers, middle class values

Affluent consumers drive sales among high-end brands, so you’d better understand their humble, middle-class values. A few years ago, I spoke to a group of marketers of high-end brands. After the session, one of the CMOs in the audience told me that the vast majority of his company’s affluent consumers loved his brand so much […]

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