Dassault Systèmes Customer Resource Materials

Overview Headquartered in France, Dassault Systèmes provides an extensive suite of 3D modeling, engineering and design products to over 210,000 customers in 140 countries. Dassault turned to Ramey as a U.S. marketing partner resource to develop communication materials for its global industries, markets and customer experiences. Approach Ramey developed a streamlined turnkey process to work […]

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C Spire Fiber

Overview C Spire made the revolutionary commitment to roll out fiber-optic Internet in Mississippi, ensuring the state’s communities and businesses would be among the first in the nation to be connected with the game-changing gigabit speeds of fiber. Insight In addition to educating consumers on this emerging technology, C Spire needed to streamline signups, as […]

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Egburt Brand Launch

Overview Camgian Microsystems developed a breakthrough Internet of Things platform, combining edge computing, multi-sensor software and cloud control to deliver real-time, actionable analytics for retailers, farmers, engineers and shipping companies. Insight The growth of the Internet of Things created a tidal wave of data. But there was no scalable solution to make logistical sense of […]

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C Spire Business Solutions

Overview Ramey produced testimonial videos for C Spire Business Solutions. The focus was on five companies throughout Mississippi that use their Fiber internet and other business products. Insight These documentary style videos showed genuine stories about how C Spire’s products have had positive effects on their customers and truly brings to life their slogan “customer […]

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Are We (Finally) on the Edge of the Smart-Home Revolution?

Smart-home Technology

  High-end homeowners are adopting technologies that connect their smart devices with energy-conserving home devices. Is the tipping point near?   Affluents, especially the young and middle-aged, are showing strong favor for smart-home devices that marry their desire for maximum convenience with environmental zen. That could mean big gains for your high-end home brand. Polling […]

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The World’s Second Oldest Profession Is Improved By Technology

Today, the most creative minds in advertising aren’t necessarily inventing snappy slogans or striking imagery. The new rock stars of advertising are in the media department – using digital technology to reach individual customers with highly-targeted messages. They’re taking full advantage of Big Data and the ability to capture and interpret customer behaviors like never […]

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The World Has Gone Mobile. Is your bank there?

The World Has Gone Mobile. Is your bank there?

Are you showing enough love to your (mobile) customers? Do you know where your customers are? According to Pew Research, they are on their smart phones and tablets. And those “smart connected devices” continue to replace desktops and laptops:  worldwide PC shipments in 2013 were down 10 percent from 2012. Smart phones are only becoming […]

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Digitally Trending Seniors

Digitally Trending Seniors

Though I’m not quite a senior citizen yet, I do hope to become one someday. I vividly remember sitting in my office – must have been early 90’s or so – receiving my first email messages. At the time, I considered these messages to be a nuisance – a very cold way of communicating with […]

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Pokémon Go: Beyond the Game

    Love it or hate it, you can’t deny it. Drones of kids (and adults) walking like zombies, glued to their phones, all in search of one thing – Pokémon. Since its release, Pokémon Go has surpassed Twitter in the amount of mobile users, while setting a new Apple record with the most app […]

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