Fresh Minds

Fresh Minds

I love the smell of an Art Department. I recently had the opportunity to guest lecture at my good friend, Seth Boonchai‘s, Graphic Design class at Delgado Community College in New Orleans. We started off with a critique of their type-based figure/ground project. They were terrified (but really had no reason to be). By the […]

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Masterpiece in 30 Seconds: Music in Advertising

Masterpiece in 30 Seconds: Music in Advertising

Can music make or shape a brand? How does music help consumers feel a certain way about a product? To get more perspective on the topic, I interviewed two successful music composers who work with advertisers on a regular basis. Peter Rundquist is a New York-based composer who has worked with brands including Nickelodeon, the […]

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Cool Kids Create Code

Cool Kids Create Code

Programming can be kid’s play with a bright, engaging new app designed to teach the basics of functional coding to ages 8-12. The visually based, free Hopscotch app encourages creative programming skills by allowing scripts to run simply by dragging and dropping various objects into place. The Ramey Perspective: We love this concept. Children easily […]

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Passion: A Post-Recession Commodity

Passion: A Post-Recession Commodity

Everyone can agree that the past several years have been extremely difficult. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on something that can take a significant hit during a tough economy: passion. After all, when an economy gets lean, you can find yourself handling new responsibilities, doing less or – in some cases – doing twice as much, […]

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Inspiration: Turn Of The Century Mardi Gras Invitations

Mardi Gras Invitations - Creative Inspiration

  My latest inspiration is Mardi Gras invitations from the late 19th and turn of the 20th centuries. They are amazingly lithographed with complicated die cuts, detailed illustrations and great typography. A quick Google image search of “vintage mardi gras invitations” or “vintage mardi gras dance cards” or “vintage mardi gras admit cards” will get […]

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Inspiration: Instagram Accounts To Follow

Inspiration: Instagram Accounts to Follow

Illustration for @openingceremony . ‘OC’s Slip-on Platform Sneakers Cobalt.’ Also an interview with me on their blog! Visit: A photo posted by Anny Wang (@annyversary) on Sep 17, 2014 at 5:13am PDT Anny Wang’s candy-colored, Memphis-inspired, CGI spatial design. One photographer, 7 days. Let’s hear it for the neighborhood – local tattoo […]

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Launching Your Brand Upmarket

A picture is worth 1,000 words. But credibility is worth much more in sales. For the past several months my Ramey team and I have been working behind the scenes to help launch an innovative new of line cookware – Hestan NanoBond. One of the most exciting facets of this launch was collaborating with both our client and our […]

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Reinforce Your Digital Reach in the Era of Ad Blocking

Overpower ad blockers with increased relevance and strong digital partnerships. A recent eMarketer article pointed out that in 2016, digital media spending topped $72 billion, eclipsing TV spending of $71.29 billion. We all are very aware of the negative effect that DVRs have had on the TV advertising industry. However, you might be surprised to […]

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Content Marketing: Be Careful What You Wish For.

Don’t hope for viral. Plan it. A home run in today’s content marketing game is the elusive viral status bringing exponential brand impressions and engagement. Though the very name viral implies spontaneity, it is important that marketers commit a baseline of planning and forethought. There are examples of no planning. First Kiss is a touching short […]

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New product Marketing: Brilliance Needs Relevance.

What’s the difference between a breakthrough and a hit? An audience. When it comes to introducing an innovative product or brand, sheer brilliance is not enough. As a matter of fact, too much brilliance might just blind your consumer. As Derek Thompson astutely explains in his new book, Hit Makers , people tend to like […]

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