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Living On the Grid

The Brady Bunch Photo - paramount / CC BY-SA

Recent thoughts about how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact design by Creative Director, Nicole Stowe. We are more than ever living life through our screens – TV, tablet, phone, laptop, desktop. And all of those screens are rectangles. And that format has become a distinct design element of the moment. It may be the tall […]

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The Evolution of Tech Visualization

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed More and more companies are using technology in some way, even if it’s not their main product. Which has led to more clients seeking to communicate the idea of technology with their brands visually. This got me thinking — how has the design language we use to describe technology changed over […]

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The Continuing Education of Content

When I landed a job as a copywriter, I thought it was my ticket out of college. Nearly 25 years later, I’ve realized that marketing actually means a career in continuing education. From my hazing by a 32-page certified retirement community brochure to bending my brain with VR technology, every project has been a learning […]

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