Reinforce Your Digital Reach in the Era of Ad Blocking

Overpower ad blockers with increased relevance and strong digital partnerships.

A recent eMarketer article pointed out that in 2016, digital media spending topped $72 billion, eclipsing TV spending of $71.29 billion. We all are very aware of the negative effect that DVRs have had on the TV advertising industry. However, you might be surprised to know that in 2017 it is estimated that approximately 27 percent of U.S. internet users will use ad blockers. That’s more than 75 million users.

Who is an ad blocker?

An ad blocker is defined as an internet user of any age who accesses the web at least once per month via any device that has an ad blocker enabled.

Use of ad blockers is significantly more prevalent among desktop/laptop users versus mobile users, primarily because the ad blockers on mobile are often not as effective.

Millennials are much more likely to use ad blockers (41 percent) versus both Gen X (27 percent) and Boomers (14 percent). They are more tech savvy than older consumers, are more willing to adopt new technology, and tend to spend more time on the internet browsing and watching videos. The result of these behaviors is that Millennial consumers are more motivated to use ad-blocking tools.

There are a number of ways to combat ad blocking:

  • “Out-tech”: Companies like Facebook are using technology to restrict ad blockers on their sites. That effort resulted in significant acceleration in desktop revenue for Facebook in 2016.
  • New ad formats: Consumer fatigue in the digital marketing space is high, with many traditional ad formats not only being overly intrusive, but also taking a long time to load. It’s time to reinvent the digital ad unit with a new level of creativity and relevancy.
  • Data: Advertisers need to become more savvy when leveraging their first-party data, and must learn how to use their data from various sources to create a seamless, relevant, and clean user experience.
  • Learn what works: Sites like The Guardian monitor their site for ads that have a high likelihood of being blocked, and work with advertisers or ad exchanges to develop solutions to reduce ad blocking.

Every marketing dollar you spend to drive your business is critical. You can’t afford to miss more than one-quarter of your potential target audience due to ad blocking. Work with industry thought leaders, and work with partners you trust who know the latest trends, tools, and techniques.

Ad blocking is here to stay, and as digital marketing continues to outpace every other medium it’s more important than ever to be ahead of the curve.

Mike Knowles:VP:Group Account DirectorMike Knowles, VP/Group Account Director

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