Launching Your Brand Upmarket

NanoBond cookware in Napa, Calif. (Photo copyright Nader Khouri 2016,

A picture is worth 1,000 words. But credibility is worth much more in sales.

For the past several months my Ramey team and I have been working behind the scenes to help launch an innovative new of line cookware – Hestan NanoBond. One of the most exciting facets of this launch was collaborating with both our client and our colleagues at Williams-Sonoma to bring this new brand to life in the high-end retail world.

Handcrafted from molecular titanium, NanoBond introduces the biggest breakthrough to stainless steel cookware in 100 years. We worked with Williams-Sonoma to translate the science behind NanoBond to their customers.

Williams-Sonoma understands premium brands. Simply appearing in their catalog, stores and website provides instant context, credibility and cachet for culinary brands. But we wanted to make an even bigger impact. So we worked directly with Williams-Sonoma to help develop strategy, tactics, events and messaging to dovetail with the advertising work we were simultaneously developing for NanoBond.

With both the branding and point-of-purchase working in sync, we were able to reach relevant consumers in a more meaningful way. While the advertising delivered brand attitude, Williams-Sonoma backed it up with product demo videos and their signature photography style.

Although, I am particularly proud to point out that some of our own branded photography was deemed worthy to appear on That’s sophisticated synergy.

NanoBond launched online today and will be in selected Williams-Sonoma stores February 3. You can see our work at and pick up some cookware for yourself at Williams Sonoma. I highly recommend it.

Chris Ray, CEO/PartnerChris Ray, CEO/Partner

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