The Whiz Behind One-to-One: An Interview with Eddie Woods

Eddie’s phone interface is a checkerboard of apps, and he probably downloaded the latest social media app about 15 minutes before your 16-year-old did. For example, Snapchat is one of his favorite ways to communicate with his college-aged son. He also told us about his latest find for foodies: The Infatuation, a restaurant lover app with better information than Yelp.

Eddie’s mantra is, “Never stop learning. Never stop testing. Never stop exploring the next.”

“This is what keeps Ramey ahead of our peers and, most importantly, ahead of our customers’ needs,” he says.

At Delta State University, Eddie studied computer science before switching to marketing. Ultimately, he graduated with a degree in marketing and economics. He loves analytics. But most of all, he loves gleaning insight from data to tell a meaningful story for Ramey clients.

Just out of college, Eddie worked in the marketing department of a bank that was an early adopter of data-based modeling. He used this data to cross-sell and up-sell services.

Eddie brought his predictive-data obsession to his next gig, as the Senior Director of Marketing for Bass Pro Shops. He went on to serve as the Chief Marketing Officer of The Limited.

Eddie left The Limited to start his own data-based marketing service. After successfully partnering on a few projects, Ramey was so impressed with the results (and possibilities) that they bought Eddie’s company and brought Eddie in as a partner.

Ramey collaborates from a strategic standpoint with our clients,” Eddie says. “We have such rich data and insights available that they ask us to the table as business partners.”

He loves working with the talented and diversified team, composed of innovators who truly enjoy what they do. “Advertising is fast-paced and high pressure, but it’s a lot of fun when you can show those wins for your clients.”

Get in touch today. We’re happy to answer your questions about one-to-one marketing, and we’d love to put our incredible resources to work.

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