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Everyone is in the Customer Service Industry

Today’s customer demands consistently great service. Industries like retail and hospitality have come to understand the importance of well-trained, inspired employees who know what it means to be an extension of the brand they represent. However, many organizations that don’t fall into the traditional customer service industry forget about one of their most powerful branding […]

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The Whiz Behind One-to-One: An Interview with Eddie Woods

Eddie’s phone interface is a checkerboard of apps, and he probably downloaded the latest social media app about 15 minutes before your 16-year-old did. For example, Snapchat is one of his favorite ways to communicate with his college-aged son. He also told us about his latest find for foodies: The Infatuation, a restaurant lover app […]

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Drop the tagline and get real.

Drop the tagline and get real

The American South is a unique destination for many domestic and international travelers. But for a state that’s part of this bubble, how can it differentiate itself to be unique – something more than just “the south?” This is a question Ramey has been tackling with one of our client partners, Mississippi Development Authority (MDA). […]

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