Why Predictive Analytics Will Rock Your World

Predictive Analytics are among the most powerful tools a company has for transforming data into profitable action.

We have access to data from over 100 different sources resulting in thousands of data points on every single customer, including purchasing history, browsing behaviors, hobbies, cultural interests, political viewpoints, favorite brands, leisure activities, travel, hobbies and much more.

At Ramey, we then use a variety of model approaches and techniques to create a ‘best customer’ profile and ‘look-alike’ profiles as we segment future audiences, determine which channels and platforms to communicate through, and personalize creative.

Once we implement these strategies, we perform further analysis and make further refinements as we go in order to optimize every dollar you spend. With today’s digital capabilities, 1-to-1 advertising is overtaking mass marketing as the go-to way to influence sales. And Predictive Analytics can be the secret sauce in getting results.

Eddie Woods:SVP/Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy 

Eddie Woods, SVP/Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy
[email protected] | 601.898.8912

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