Does your new product need to reach a new consumer?

Recently, we worked with a national packaged goods company who was expanding
their product line with disappointing results. The product had tested great, but real world consumers weren’t buying. The assignment: analyze to see if they were reaching enough of the right customers with their mass marketing.

We began with relatively little consumer information except for a huge database of email addresses. In order to make this information usable, the team reverse appended the emails with physical addresses and thus actual customer names. Next, demographic, geographic and psychographic variables were appended to begin the modeling process.

Next, interests, hobbies and hundreds of other customer profile and lifestyle data points were applied and allowed the model to rank and score not only the house file customers but also their neighbors across the entire USA.

For the first time, the client had a true understanding of their current customer. It yielded a huge insight–that the company did not have nearly enough penetration into millennials or ethnic populations.

We then used our database of U.S. households, as well as over 2,000 different demographic, psychographic and geographic variables to identify and target ethnic customers and millennials. Through digital advertising, prospecting and market share acquisition campaigns, our client was able to successfully launch their new product, gaining penetration and market share.

Eddie Woods:SVP/Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy 

Eddie Woods, SVP/Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy
[email protected] | 601.898.8912

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