Meet the Future: One-to-One Marketing

One-to-One Performance Marketing uses new technologies to transform traditional marketing and advertising into a precision communications tool. Unlike traditional mass marketing, today we can micro-target consumers with relevant, personalized messages. The result: your marketing dollars are spent far more effectively with an ROI that is clear, transparent and provable within days or weeks.

One-to-One Performance Marketing means that we do the extra research and deeper analytics to develop media strategies that reach just the right people with a message crafted just for them, and at the time and place they’re most likely to be interested.

With One-to-One Performance Marketing, we take that many times farther by painting such a complete picture of each consumer that we can engage them as if they were in the same room with us.

We literally gather thousands of data points about every customer including purchasing history, browsing behaviors, hobbies, cultural interests, political viewpoints, favorite brands, leisure activities, travel, and much more.

Once we do the upfront work to identify your best target, we can create prospect models and use predictive analytics to find look-alike consumers to grow your base.

Done right, one-to-one marketing offers an ROI that mass marketing can’t compete with. Most of our clients can expect 80% of the results of a traditional mass campaign by speaking to (and paying for) only 20% of the total audience.

That’s why it’s the future.

Eddie Woods:SVP/Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy

Eddie Woods, SVP/Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy
[email protected] | 601.898.8912

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