Think Before You Go Mobile. Applying Old Rules To New Media.


timeMashable recently released an article about the importance of “dayparting” your mobile media buy. It provides some keen insights on leveraging mobile to reach your audience, which is critical not only to mobile, but to any advertising channel. That made us take a step back and think… so many marketers are getting distracted by the new “shiny” advertising vehicle that they forget the importance of a sound media strategy to support it.

While mobile gives marketers an effective new way to reach audiences, it’s not wise to enter into mobile media without a serious media strategy. As the article states, “don’t waste your time or your ad spend; use both wisely.”

Terry Tanner, Ramey’s Media Director, gives this advice:

“Many advertisers and marketers get so caught up in something new that they forget the basic principles of advertising. The article is right to suggest considering the device, the timing and the purchase intent – essentially, gathering data and using that data to send your message to the right consumer, at the right place, at the right time of day.

This is nothing new. We have been buying radio and TV by dayparts for years. A solid media plan considers geography, purchase intent, audience (based upon research) and the cost to deliver the message.

Advertisers should be dayparting mobile, but the bigger picture is that they should be dayparting all media. We have been considering the device, the timing and the purchase intent for years. Even with new vehicles like mobile, we need to keep the strategies that help us reach the most targeted audience at the lowest cost.”

THE MORAL: If you aren’t careful, the right medium with the wrong strategy can still yield failure. Don’t let yourself get too caught up in the newness that you forget to take a step back and enter into any advertising decision wisely.

about Michelle Hill, Account Executive at The Ramey Agency.