Hestan Culinary


Cookware was actually how Hestan got started in the culinary world. After manufacturing the Williams Sonoma house line for years, they recognized the need for real innovation on the shelves. As their engineers and craftsmen set about creating a revolutionary new line of molecular titanium cookware, Hestan looked to Ramey to build a new brand capable of growing with this soon-to-expand line. Hestan Bonded cookware was born – and so was Ramey’s in-house photography studio. 


We partnered with Williams Sonoma to launch the new line with a series of in-store chef events across the country: The Titanium Tour. We soon launched ProBond, CopperBond and the groundbreakting TITUM™ non-stick system with an ongoing mix of high-level branding and direct-to-consumer sales tactics. Chefs loved it. Home consumers loved it. Cash registers loved it. And Williams Sonoma loved our photography so much, they began featuring it in their own catalogs.

Leads captured exceeded client’s goal by 70%.

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