Exceleron Rebrand


Exceleron had established itself as the bill prepay software of choice for community and mid-size utilities. It was time to rebrand its corporate identity to gain the attention of larger-scale utilities.


Exceleron centered its brand on its proprietary software. To break into the next tier of utility providers, it needed to build a 360° brand around its complete capabilities.


Ramey created a new brand position and visual identity that pushed beyond the nuts and bolts of data and transactions to deliver a more dynamic perspective of the company’s true services and strengths: innovative, collaborative and flexible. This allowed the company to reach beyond its current scope and provide to any corporation needing interfaces between existing business systems and customers.

“Exceleron had already built a highly successful business, but we still had a dated brand that did not adequately convey the industry leadership we had forged over the last decade. Ramey quickly helped us transform our brand into a bold expression of the value we offer our customers and the vision we have for our collective future. With great skill, Ramey guided us to a new brand identity that embodied our long-term business strategy while positioning us to meet our short-term objectives. It was a tremendously enlightening and satisfying experience.” Ravi Raju, EVP and CMO

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