By utilizing the natural heat storage of the earth and the constantly cool temperature of groundwater, geothermal presents an incredibly efficient, effective and environmentally friendly solution for residential climate control.


Geothermal is still a relatively new concept for homeowners. Installation costs are also a significant hurdle, with energy savings taking five to eight years to balance out the initial investment. We had to help customers understand the investment—and the technology.


Ramey conducted ethnography in several markets to gain key affluent consumer insights. We then developed a marketing strategy to educate homeowners in a meaningful and motivational way. We created a microsite to serve as a one-stop branded resource for those considering geothermal. It provided information about tax incentives, a savings calculator, and FAQs and dispelled misinformation and myths revealed during our ethnography sessions. The site also drove leads directly to ClimateMaster dealers.

Qualified leads exceeded client goals by 1000%.

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