sonnen California Campaign

Overviewsonnen, a global leader in energy management and storage solutions, saw an opportunity to target California residents plagued with electricity interruptions from rolling blackouts scheduled in response to wildfires. sonnen’s smart battery backup product provides peace of mind in the face of potential interruptions and a cleaner, safer and smarter alternative to generators. The challenge […]

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Entergy Storm Communications

Overview As the region’s largest electric utility, Entergy must always be prepared for hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms and thunderstorms. As it restores power in the wake of storms, Entergy is also committed to keeping its customers and employees safe and informed. Insight When storms bear down and the power goes out, communication is critical to […]

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Exceleron Rebrand

Overview Exceleron had established itself as the bill prepay software of choice for community and mid-size utilities. It was time to rebrand its corporate identity to gain the attention of larger-scale utilities. Insight Exceleron centered its brand on its proprietary software. To break into the next tier of utility providers, it needed to build a […]

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Overview By utilizing the natural heat storage of the earth and the constantly cool temperature of groundwater, geothermal presents an incredibly efficient, effective and environmentally friendly solution for residential climate control. Insight Geothermal is still a relatively new concept for homeowners. Installation costs are also a significant hurdle, with energy savings taking five to eight […]

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