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How to Find Your Flow When the Market Doesn’t Grow

Premium Goods Trends

  The ever-developing high-end goods market calls us back to our instincts   Growth in high-end home sales may have slowed, bringing the premium goods market with it, but that doesn’t mean you should slow your marketing. If you’re reading between the lines, you already know that double-digit growth, year after year, isn’t something you […]

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Owning vs. Experiencing a High-End Home Brand

Why you should consider an experiential luxury strategy for your brand.   Several years ago, I was working on brand strategy with my clients at Viking Range. The philosophical question on the table was this: Is a giant stainless steel Viking an end unto itself – or a means to an end? Are we asking […]

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What High-End Home Brands Can Learn from Mapping the Customer Experience

Understanding the path to purchase can make you a more effective marketer.   The customer path to purchase is a fascinating journey. In the high-end home category, where prices command a premium and purchase cycles are inherently long, the path to purchase can be filled with equal parts anxiety and anticipation for consumers. That’s why […]

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