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BankPlus: Archie & Eli Manning


BankPlus partnered with Archie and Eli Manning as brand advocates just before Eli was drafted into the NFL. Over the course of 10 years, Ramey developed campaigns that evolved along with BankPlus’ messaging and Eli’s career.


BankPlus is a Mississippi bank, and the Mannings are Mississippi heroes. Their legendary name and down-to-earth charm not only cast a bigger spotlight on the community bank, but more importantly, personified BankPlus’ values.


Ramey produced multiple statewide television campaigns with the Mannings. As the Manning/BankPlus relationship continued to grow, the campaigns laddered up from communicating specific service differentiators like extended hours to delivering more insightful and philosophical messaging. By getting to the root of what sets BankPlus apart from its competitors, the Mannings helped anchor a genuine brand that the competitors could not mimic with mere service lines.

BankPlus experienced a 33% growth rate in the past decade

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