An Evening With The Mannings


Ramey was in the unique position of having two clients share a celebrity relationship for their mutual benefit. At the time, BankPlus had enjoyed a multi-year marketing campaign featuring Archie and Eli Manning when the Mannings announced a major initiative to fund new clinics for Batson Children’s Hospital. Ramey saw an opportunity to combine the power of both brands to do the most good for the community.


Fundraising for the new children’s clinics required lofty, multi-year goals, so the challenge was to maintain awareness of this effort in the public consciousness. We realized that BankPlus, Batson and the Manning family were some the state’s most beloved, iconic brands and decided to leverage that good will with a big, co-hosted annual event.


Given the Manning’s personal popularity, we decided to build the campaign around a yearly, black-tie gala “An Evening With the Mannings.” Archie and Eli were the stars of the evening and encouraged attendees to have fun and reach deep into their pockets. Over a 5-year period, “An Evening With the Mannings” became the premier fundraising event in the state.

“An Evening with the Mannings” achieved the original 5-year fundraising goal in just 4-years, collecting more than $2.9 million to benefit Friends of Children’s Hospital and the children’s clinics at Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children.

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