Molpus One-to-One Campaign

Overview Molpus Woodlands Group manages approximately 2.1 million acres of timberland in 18 states. Recently, the company wanted to identify qualified buyers for a group of large land offerings worth approximately $100 million. Insight Rather than working with a realtor or using traditional print media, Ramey recommended using digital data analytics to identify, geotarget and reach out directly […]

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BankPlus: Archie & Eli Manning

Overview BankPlus partnered with Archie and Eli Manning as brand advocates just before Eli was drafted into the NFL. Over the course of 10 years, Ramey developed campaigns that evolved along with BankPlus’ messaging and Eli’s career. Insight BankPlus is a Mississippi bank, and the Mannings are Mississippi heroes. Their legendary name and down-to-earth charm […]

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An Evening With The Mannings

Overview Ramey was in the unique position of having two clients share a celebrity relationship for their mutual benefit. At the time, BankPlus had enjoyed a multi-year marketing campaign featuring Archie and Eli Manning when the Mannings announced a major initiative to fund new clinics for Batson Children’s Hospital. Ramey saw an opportunity to combine […]

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Bank of the Ozarks

Overview Following the economic meltdown of 2008, most banks took the ongoing crisis as a sign to hunker down.  Bank of the Ozarks saw an opportunity for growth and set out to selectively acquire distressed banks as a strategy for expansion. Ramey was tasked with developing a new brand campaign to introduce Bank of the […]

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BankPlus Wealth Management: Archie Manning

Overview For over 10 years, BankPlus enjoyed a marketing partnership with Archie and Eli Manning. While the relationship started in support of retail banking, it soon became clear that Archie’s respected, yet approachable demeanor and wisdom was a natural fit for the BankPlus Wealth Management Group. Insight In Mississippi, Archie Manning has always been beloved, […]

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Year-End Fiscal Organization: Make a list. Check it twice.

Get organized for year-end and prepared for next fiscal year.

With 2016 right around the corner, here are a few strategies from Ramey’s financial guru to help your business organize for Year-End and prepare for the next fiscal year: Reconcile all balance sheet accounts to verify for accuracy & reasonableness. Review sales, cost & expense accounts to prepare a budget for the next fiscal year. Evaluate Year-End […]

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