Bank of the Ozarks


Following the economic meltdown of 2008, most banks took the ongoing crisis as a sign to hunker down.  Bank of the Ozarks saw an opportunity for growth and set out to selectively acquire distressed banks as a strategy for expansion. Ramey was tasked with developing a new brand campaign to introduce Bank of the Ozarks to its newly acquired markets and reassure its newfound customers.


The banking industry was dealing with a period of failures, acquisitions and uncertainty. In this environment, Bank of the Ozarks needed to capitalize on its commitment to community banking while demonstrating its solid financial foundation.


Ramey developed a new brand campaign focused on the bank’s key point of difference—a higher level of customer service. The resulting branding concept focused on bank/customer relationships with a new tagline: “You have a friend here.” The campaign helped assure new customers that they were in good hands and provided an internal rallying cry for both old and new employees.

Bank of the Ozarks (now Bank OZK) grew from a company with $2.7 billion in assets and 75
offices in four states to today’s $22 billion institution with 268 offices in 10 states.

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