7 Myths About Reaching Teens Through Media

7 Myths About Reaching Teens Through Media

Teens are a tricky target audience for marketers. But they shouldn’t be. The reason teens are such a difficult audience to reach is that we assume they are drastically different from other consumers today – when they’re really not.

In fact, the most striking characteristic of today’s teens is how similar they are to the rest of us – something teens of previous generations were not.

When Ramey began planning FactNotFiction, a statewide media campaign to give teens medically accurate information about their long-term sexual health, we investigated the nuances of teens’ media behavior, as we do with any other demographic segment. The campaign employs traditional, online and social media.

So, to develop the best strategy around teens and media, start by challenging popular assumptions about teens. According to a recent article by Nielsen, there are several misconceptions about how teens consume media.

See for yourself. They may be more like you than you thought.

Myth: Teens are abandoning TV for new media.
Reality: They’re watching more TV than ever.

Myth: Avid commercial skippers, teens favor the DVR.
Reality: Teens prefer their TV live.

Myth: Due to expense, mobile video is beyond a teen’s reach.
Reality: Teens make up 20% of the mobile video audience and watch more than the average user.

Myth: Teens are driving the growth of online video.
Reality: They watch less online video than their elders.

Myth: The silver screen is too old-fashioned and expensive for today’s teens.
Reality: Teens go to the movies more than any other age group.

Myth: Teens are the biggest gamers of all.
Reality: Teens account for just 23% of the console audience and less than 10% of PC game minutes.

Myth: With MP3 players and PCs, teens no longer rely on radio.
Reality: Radio is the top source of music consumption for 16% of teens globally.

Terry Tanner is SVP/Media Director at The Ramey Agency.

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