The Catfish Institute: Austin Campaign


While turkey and ham are staples on many holiday tables, The Catfish Institute sought to add U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish to the mix.


Holiday traditions and menus are established, so instead of asking families people to replace their ham and turkey, we focused on offering consumers new options for appetizers.  

Entertaining can leave people looking for easy and quick options.


Because Texas is the number one state in terms of catfish consumption, but number eight in terms of per capita sales, we identified the state as a high priority. Austin, one of the top Foodie cities in the country, sets many of the food trends in the state and the South. Getting influential Austinites to add U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish to their holiday celebrations would have a multiplier effect across the state and the region.

Through highly targeted display and streaming radio, Ramey positioned unique and easy-to-prepare recipes in front of consumers in the midst of their holiday meal prep and planning. The tempting assets led to a landing page featuring a curated collection of existing recipes such as appetizers, family-focused meals and celebratory dishes.

14% increase in website traffic. 20% lift in visitors to the website in the months after the campaign.

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