Ramey Business Continuity Plan Activated

Ramey Business Continuity Plan Activated

Marketing agency providing full range of services on an ongoing basis

The Ramey Agency, a marketing communications firm with offices in Jackson, Miss., and New Orleans, La., has implemented its Business Continuity Plan in order to maintain readiness and provide ongoing services to clients during the course of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Having served the Mississippi Development Authority in strategic communications related to Hurricane Katrina, as well as ten years of ongoing full system storm communications for a utility company, Ramey has generated widespread experience in ensuring that its client base is able to maintain proactive communications during times of crisis.

Ramey began contingency preparations for the COVID-19 pandemic with its Executive Leadership Team in February 2020, holding its first remote work-from-home drill for the agency’s full staff on March 3. During the drill, each team member conducted a number of business continuity exercises designed to test the firm’s ability to continue client and agency work with minimal to no disruption. In addition, the agency implemented heightened safety precautions, ensuring that the Ramey team remains fully updated on virus prevention, illness reporting, and travel restrictions.

During the week of March 9, the agency conducted Lessons Learned exercises to ensure that the team could continue operations for an extended period of time in order to serve the needs of our clients spread across the United States and the world. The agency has been working with clients and vendor partners on preparedness plans and any steps that may be needed to ensure that all appropriate stakeholder communications continue to be executed. Ramey also benefits from a network of partners agencies that can be called upon for local efforts in Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and Chicago, among other locations.

As of March 16, the agency has transitioned to a remote work-from-home posture, utilizing our full suite of videoconferencing and cloud-based file sharing platforms. Ramey’s offices in Jackson and New Orleans are currently closed to outside visitors.

At this time, the agency is holding all internal and client meetings via videoconferencing and remote communications. Ramey’s highest priority is to ensure the safety of its team members and clients – and that stakeholder communications for clients is executed flawlessly for as long as it takes until the pandemic’s health risks are behind us and regular business resumes.

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