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Hestan Indoor: Thomas Keller Campaign

With Hestan Indoor rolling out to residential showrooms across the country, Hestan had an opportunity to carve out a new niche in the ultra-premium kitchen category. Hestan’s heritage of innovation and commercial-crossover aesthetic offered more than just another “professional-style” kitchen – Hestan brings true chef-proven performance to the home.


Hestan’s revolutionary kitchens were born from collaboration with acclaimed chefs – most notably, Chef Thomas Keller. Hestan Commercial can be found in his kitchens at The French Laundry, Per Se, Bouchon, TAK Room, La Calenda and The Surf Club.

Hestan Indoor doesn’t just downsize a commercial look for the home. Hestan’s engineers reimagined the home kitchen to deliver a new level of performance. In fact, Hestan Indoor ranges feature the same exact burners Chef Keller cooks with in his Michelin-Starred restaurants.

So who better to communicate Hestan Indoor’s distinctly exceptional kitchen than America’s most distinguished chef?


We sat down with Chef Keller at the Hestan Barn for a very insightful conversation about what it means to cook for others. His culinary philosophy provides the perfect context for Hestan’s thoughtful innovation – it’s not about the BTUs, it’s about the art and love of cooking.

Our day with Chef Keller yielded content for social, display and blogs. His high-level messaging and aspirational persona drove consumers to a campaign landing page where they could learn more, find a dealer and try their hand at Chef Keller’s Côte de Boeuf recipe.

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