Mississippi Tourism Campaign

The Mississippi Development Authority Tourism Division is charged  with increasing visitors to the state. However, its advertising budget is the smallest in the Southeast.

You don’t just see the sights in Mississippi. You become part of the story. Gloss and budgets be damned. This is the real deal. And you won’t find these flavors, sounds or people anywhere else.

People connect to genuine experiences. Show them something real and relevant to what they love – and then show them how to get there. Ramey launched a highly targeted campaign showcasing Mississippi’s one-of-a-kind experiences. History buffs were invited inside majestic antebellum homes. Music lovers were ushered into a sweltering juke joint. Nature lovers paddled to the serene shores of a barrier island. Each experience was paid off with the insight and info to turn that aspirational experience into a road trip reality. And those foodies, historians, record nerds, golfers, readers, writers and artists all packed their bags for Mississippi.

1293% ROI

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