C Spire


As the nation’s largest private wireless company, C Spire has been a pioneer: the first to offer unlimited data, first to allow customers to rollover data and a very early adopter of 1 Gbps fiber for internet and TV. Our challenge was to set it apart in an industry with four of the top 10 advertisers as competition.


“Customer Inspired” is C Spire’s brand essence – it means that everything C Spire does is for the customer’s benefit. Unlike huge national wireless companies, C Spire actually cares more about Main Street than Wall Street, and it provides new products and services to answer genuine customer needs.


In an ever-changing category, C Spire messaging always needs to stay a step ahead. Ramey has created a series of campaigns that dramatize the integral role the company has played in its customers’ lives. Those concepts include “Born Where You Live,” “I Work For” and the “#1” brand campaigns, as well as a highly successful launch campaign for its 1 Gbps fiber network. Each campaign has worked hard to make “Customer Inspired” meaningful and relevant.

The “I Work For” campaign had a direct impact on increasing reputation and brand affinity, including the strongest port ratio in 5 years and a record number of consecutive sales.

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