Five Things I Learned About Luxury Brand Marketing in Paris

Paris is often considered the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world. It’s the capital of art and fashion and home to some of the most iconic high-end brands in the market. This is where Sade Sailors learned the art of luxury brand marketing – both in school and through personal experience. So what were her top five takeaways?

  1. Strong storytelling is the foundation of successful marketing. Every piece of communication sells the value of the brand; not just the item. The majority of luxury brands never change their core message. Instead, they find creative ways to reemphasize that message in new and meaningful ways.

  2. An impeccable customer experience at every touchpoint is non-negotiable. I learned this first-hand touring Maison Hennessey – an experience I will never forget. Even as a humble student, I was treated like royalty from the moment I arrived. The experience not only reinforced their brand story, but also provided a memory I’ll cherish forever. It’s safe to say I am a lifelong customer and brand advocate.

  3. Successful luxury brands know their audience on a deep and personal level. Louis Vuitton is a great example in the way that they position themselves on a global scale. Their product offerings and marketing campaigns differ in every region of the world because they take the time to understand cultural nuances before engaging with the audience.

  4. Le Mystère is a key messaging component. The true lovers and consumers of high-end luxury are generally private individuals and like to know they are getting the most exclusive version of whatever is being offered. From a marketing perspective, this means adding a form of “mystery” in the messaging to help pique interest. 

  5. Aesthetics reign supreme. It’s almost too obvious to bring up, but it’s too important to ignore. First impressions are everything. Even more so for luxury brands selling a higher-ticket item. Clean, uncompromising aesthetics must be present at every customer touchpoint. 

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