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Ramey Brand Update

At its core, Ramey builds premium brands that help our clients reach higher. But what defines a premium brand? It’s not just the price tag. Chris Ray, Ramey CEO, recently shared a post about how a premium brand provides our clients with one of the greatest competitive advantages available. Research by the Boston Consulting Group demonstrates that while premium brands in any category may generate only 20% of category volume and 40% of revenues, they generate a full 60% of the category’s profits. 

A premium brand sets itself apart by providing meaningful value to our lives. Premium means providing something more. That’s exactly what we do at Ramey. We work harder to push your brand further. We harness data and strategy to shine a brighter light on you. Then we develop thoughtful content to forge a stronger bond with your customers and stakeholders. 

We help brands mean more.

This idea of “more” has always been the heart and soul of Ramey – both in our core value of being “All In” and from our founder Tommy Ramey, always urging the Ramey team and its clients to Reach Higher. 

It was time the Ramey brand reflected this. So, we translated the concept of more and placed it at the core of our external brand. Arrows are universally recognized as a direction symbol, and when pointing up, they become a surplus symbol. Creatively, we’ve updated the Ramey logo and design elements with a new “R Arrow” to represent reaching higher, delivering more and building premium brands. The new brand colors and elements represent our dynamic team, and how together, we will always strive to reach higher. 

Let’s do more. Together. 

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