Consumers Are Shopping High-End Home Brands via Mobile

Do you understand how consumers are shopping your brand?

More and more consumers are using mobile devices to shop for home-related brands. And since one of the top-five purchase categories for smartphones is the home, you would expect that home brands would finally get into the game. The short answer is that some are and some aren’t. But it’s a trend that is only going to grow, so if your high-end home brand hasn’t embraced mobile, now is the time. 
Smartphones are changing the in-store experience, according to Josh Chasin of ComScore, who spoke at a recent event at NYU Stern on the topic of measurable marketing along the path-to-purchase. Nearly six out of ten smartphone owners are using their devices in one way or another while in a retail store. They take photos of products, scan barcodes, and compare product prices online.
Home retailers are taking note. Lowe’s has gotten in on the act with the launch of its mobile app, which gives shoppers a smoother in-store experience in each of its 1,700 stores (even more impressive when you learn that each store has a slightly different floor plan).
Lowe's Shopping AppScreenshots via Point Inside
Lowe’s software vendor, Point Inside, says that the iPhone and Android app will allow shoppers to “locate products in-store, create shopping lists, and search specific store inventory to find products to complete home improvement projects faster.”  Features include:

  • Exact product locations – Shoppers can find everything they need in-store by viewing the exact aisle and bay location on a map.
  • Shopping lists via Quicklists – Consumers can plan projects at home and on-the-go by creating shopping lists in Quicklists. When they arrive in store, they can view all of the items on a map.
  • Integration with MyLowe’s loyalty program – Consumers can access their MyLowe’s account in-app to view shopping lists, view past purchases and to return items.

Don’t think that the Lowe’s app – or the larger smartphone trend – is for mass-market home brands only. Sure, when I checked my nearest Lowe’s, I found a Maytag single oven for $799. But I also found a Dacor double-oven for $6,999.
High-end home brands are being shopped with smartphones right now at one of America’s largest home retailers.
Might your brand be next? 

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