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C Spire Fiber


C Spire made the revolutionary commitment to roll out fiber-optic Internet in Mississippi, ensuring the state’s communities and businesses would be among the first in the nation to be connected with the game-changing gigabit speeds of fiber.


In addition to educating consumers on this emerging technology, C Spire needed to streamline signups, as the infrastructure required to bring this groundbreaking service to Mississippi would require quite a bit of literal groundbreaking.


Ramey developed a multi-phase and localized campaign to introduce the concept and benefits of fiber Internet then directly generate registration as infrastructure was deployed in communities throughout the state. The highly-targeted synergistic strategy included digital display, email and direct mail. Tiered messaging covered competitive bandwidth capacities and pricing, Super HD TV packages, C Spire’s award-winning customer support team, increased home values as well as what to expect from construction and installation.

80% of initial Fiber activations were directly attributed to the campaign.

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