The Alluvian


Viking’s experience-based marketing strategy included a dozen Viking Cooking Schools across the country, along with a global culinary travel program in conjunction with the Culinary Institute of America. But it was the Alluvian hotel and the Viking Hospitality Group that really epitomized the brand. So much so that the New York Times wrote an article about the “stove groupies” who make a pilgrimage to Viking’s headquarters in Greenwood, Mississippi, to visit Viking’s world-class hotel, spa, restaurant, and other tourism-related amenities.


Connect guests with a brand that is so driven by an authentic sense of place that the guest experience will literally be unforgettable.


Ramey worked closely with Viking to build the Alluvian brand from the ground up. We set out to create an authentic sense of place in all facets of the brand and guest experience – a constellation of touch points that helped pay off Viking’s larger experience marketing strategy. After all, and similar to your situation, the Alluvian brand had to stand on its own, while at the same time pay off the promise of the master brand, Viking. Even the hotel’s name, the Alluvian, was based on the Delta’s alluvial plains. An ambitious art and photography program was created to feature Mississippi artists – emphasizing on different floors of the hotel the water, soil, and skies of the region. In fact, this art collection was recognized as one of the winners of the Governor’s Arts Awards from the Mississippi Arts Commission.

Featured in Architectural Digest and Conde Nast Traveler within the first year. Room rates and length stay doubled compared to the competition.

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