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Taking High-End Brands Through Challenging Times

“I think we both believed that we were in a fog we couldn’t see through yet, though in a while, maybe not even a long while, we would see lights and know something.” – Richard Ford, “Great Falls.”

Dear Friends,

If you are like me, your inbox is full of emails this week with tips on working from home, best practices and pandemic trends. Some of it is good. Most of it is not.

You may know that Ramey is a marketing agency built to grow high-end home brands. What you may not know is that we were founded to Reach Higher for our clients and for each other, and this dedication continues, especially in these challenging times.

We are trying harder than ever to provide thoughtful articles that help marketers and C-suite leaders of high-end home brands navigate through the near-term, while also keeping an eye toward brighter days ahead, when pent-up consumer demand is unleashed.

Our hope is that you find our content helpful and thought-provoking. We remain available to you online or over the phone. Call on us for advice and counsel – or simply to problem-solve a challenge.

While we await the opportunity to work together face-to-face again in the near future, I hope that in the meantime you enjoy these pieces.

All the best,

Chris Ray
Chris Ray

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