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C Spire Tech MVMT – Going grassroots for high-tech.

Creating a better future for Mississippi is a vital part of C Spire’s mission. Since 2015, they have advocated for computer science in Mississippi’s schools to help prepare students for the jobs of the future. C Spire has invested countless volunteer hours and over $3 million into the education of Mississippi’s youth to promote the growth of computer science career paths.


But with only 47% of Mississippi schools teaching computer science, it will take an even bigger push to reach the momentum needed to close the state’s technology gap. So this year, C Spire spearheaded a grassroots drive to support legislation mandating a computer science curriculum for K-12th grade in every public school. Similar laws have already been passed by Mississippi’s neighboring states – making the timing even more critical to save Mississippi’s tech economy.

To be effective, this campaign had to make a bold and immediate impact. This message had to mobilize communities and, most importantly, reach lawmakers. By focusing on the negative outcomes of not passing this legislation, we created buzz and sparked real conversations about our kids’ future opportunities.

The provocative campaign quickly lit up the State Capitol, pushing computer science education to the top of the conversation.

As of this posting, every senator and member of the house has received emails from their constituents via the campaign landing page As the conversation grows louder, we await the final vote to take place this legislative session.

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