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#TeamRamey Spotlight: Swayze Pentecost

If an ad is created and no one is around to see it, does it still exist? To Swayze Pentecost, the answer to this conundrum is simple: no. And that’s why she’s our digital strategist.

Swayze has been an integral part of #TeamRamey since January of 2015, showing her strength as a strategic thinker early and often. She’s not afraid to ask “why” or “how could this be better?” So when it came to creating media plans and working with outside digital vendors, Swayze wanted to be sure our clients were getting exactly what they paid for. As she dug deeper in
an effort to demystify digital media, it became increasingly clear that establishing an in-house trading desk to offer these services directly and transparently to our clients was the best way forward.

Digital strategist. Optimization magician. ROI rock star. Any of these titles would fit her current role. Simply put, Swayze knows how to get your message in front of the right person, at the right time, at the right price. She makes sure every client dollar is spent intentionally and effectively, leading to increased ROI and very happy clients.

How does she do it? Here are a few of her best practices:

Things change in an instant. Be ready to change, too.

Maximize your budget with strategic placement.


Always allow your audience to take action.

To be fair, when I first asked Swayze about best practices, she laughed. And with good reason. From data privacy issues to new technologies, the world of digital media is ever-evolving. As Swayze said, “the things we did yesterday may not be relevant today.” But that’s why she stretches every morning.

Rule #1: Stay nimble.

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