Newk’s Cares


In 2013, Lori Newcomb, wife of Newk’s Eatery CEO Chris Newcomb, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Bolstered to help others prevent a similar diagnosis, she launched Newk’s Cares to increase awareness of the warning signs and raise funding for early detection research


Lori saw an opportunity to leverage the Newk’s Eatery franchise network to shed greater light on ovarian cancer. So Newk’s Cares partnered with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance to help get the word out and funds up. As a sponsor of OCRFA’s “Ovarian Cycle” indoor cycling events, Newk’s Cares helped raise financial support for critical research programs.


Ramey worked with Newk’s Cares to create a spectrum of promotional materials ranging from Snapchat filters to a special teal version Newk’s signature cup in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. In-restaurant even POP, direct mail and targeted digital worked hard to get the word out for Ovarian Cycle events.

65% increase in ovarian cycle riders over four years, and $720K raised for Ovarian cancer research fund alliance

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