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Home Buyer Advantage Program


In the wake of the housing crash, the federal government established a grant program to help get foreclosed homes off the market. The Home Buyer Advantage program provided up to $40,000 to help qualified buyers make their down payment.


The Mississippi Development Authority was wholly committed to getting the word out about this grant program. It also wanted to make sure that the right message was getting to the right target to ensure a higher ratio of qualified applicants. The Home Buyer Advantage program was based upon both buyer income and property ZIP code parameters.


Ramey created a streamlined, user-friendly website that succinctly explained the program and helped potential buyers determine if they qualified. The site then directed them to local lenders and realtors vetted in the Home Buyer Advantage process. TV and radio spots pointed Mississippians to the site. Bilingual press releases and brochures were also distributed to key media outlets and community locations.

Mississippi was one of only five states to meet its grant fulfillment goal. 17,477 visits to the HBA website in six months.

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