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From brand story to brand library.

After many months of rescheduled, reduced and re-imagined shoots, we recently made up for any lost time with two simultaneous video productions for our longest standing client, BankPlus (30+ years!).

Yep. Two campaigns. One brand.

Not too long ago, I would’ve been perplexed by the notion of running two distinctly different campaigns simultaneously for one client (not to mention staying within media budget). But although these two directions look, sound and feel very different, they both ladder up to the same message: BankPlus is there for their customers whenever, wherever and however they need them. Thanks to OTT, native ad placement and promoted social, we are able to serve specific messaging to whomever needs to see it.

After conducting customer and non-customer focus groups, we realized there was a definite divergence in messaging needs. Thanks to a truly community-minded and customer-first philosophy, BankPlus enjoyed off-the-charts brand love and loyalty from their current customers. But there was a surprising lack of awareness of the bank’s industry-leading technology and customer tools – many of which directly addressed customer wish lists articulated during the focus groups. We obviously had some explaining to do. So we created a series of “explainer” :30 and :15 videos showcasing BankPlus tech solutions with customer-first charm.

BankPlus also had big plans for growth and entering new markets. Meanwhile their competition was also expanding their presence into BankPlus’s home turf. We had to stake our ground and raise our community flag even higher. BankPlus believes “community bank” is a responsibility, not a designation. The “How Local” campaign underscores this commitment with modular spots featuring hyper-local scenes of the communities BankPlus serves.

Customers in new markets or locales that have recently seen national bank competitors ramping up their presence would see “How Local” assets – reminding and reassuring them that BankPlus is a true community bank with convenient tech to support them around the clock. Simultaneously, more tech-inclined customers streaming Hulu would be more likely shown the Dusty Lilac world of explainer videos showing off the latest peer-to-peer payment platform, ITM features, online account opening or contactless payment options.

The BankPlus brand story is 100 years long, and every chapter is based on customers. Every customer or potential customer has their own relationship with the bank. At the end of the (very long) day, BankPlus assembled a collection of assets ready to speak to each of them on-brand and on-point.

Thanks to our trusted relationships with clients and crew, we not only pulled it off in record time, but had a great time doing it. No matter the call time, leaf blowers and confetti make an instant party.

Wes Williams, Chief Creative Director

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