CSB Campaign: Meet The AuthorITy.

We’ve had the privilege of working with C Spire for over six years. And while most people associate them with their wireless offerings, the work they’ve done for our region reaches far beyond that. For years, C Spire has leveled the playing field for Mississippi businesses with gigabit internet, top-notch cloud services and much more. Recently, they’ve begun rapid expansion in Alabama and Tennessee, and #TeamRamey was recently tapped to partner on building a new brand campaign for their business division.

C Spire Business is focused on delivering expertise and the best customer support in the industry. One of its key differentiators is the team of highly trained engineers – including an impressive number of years in experience, certifications and overall technical knowledge to assist with any IT challenge a business customer may have. So naturally, our campaign was focused on these men and women, dubbing them The AuthorITy.

When it comes to IT business solutions, no one is more proactive and involved than C Spire Business. No salesmen, no gimmicks. Just sound advice tailored to any size business. Calling their engineers “superheroes” may be an exaggeration – or it may not. That’s for you to decide. For now, we’ll just call them The AuthorITy.

Not only has the internal C Spire Business team been very enthusiastic about the campaign and creative strategy, but since the campaign launched, C Spire has seen a lift in key consideration metrics, especially in the expanded markets.

Erick Evans, SVP/Director of Client Services

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